About Me

I'm a techie currently working at a startup, whose members are scattered to 3 of the 4 corners of the earth.

I tend to focus on work in the cloud and continuous delivery space, more recently focusing on the use of microservice architectures.

Things I've Done

I spent the last 12 years working at ThoughtWorks, before taking the plunge and deciding to try the startup thing again. Aside from the day job, I've presented many talks, some of which you can see on my Lanyrd page. I love presenting ideas, meeting people and learning new things, and I find conferences a great way to help that. I've also written a few articles along the way, and wrote the now mostly defunt blog magpiebrain.com, the content of which I plan to migrate here soon.

Along with Andy Yates I also created the Lego XP Game many years ago, a game designed to teach the basics of Agile in a workshop form. This has been run hundreds if not thousands of times around the world. I hope to open source the materials around this soon. I played a part in creating DBDeploy, one of the first open source database refactoring tools, and helped create the first AWS training workshops too. I was also fortunate enough to be around just as the ideas behind Continuous Delivery were taking shape, and like to think I played a small part in the ideas behind them.

More recently writing has become a bigger part of my work. I recently published the small ebook Lightweight Systems for Realtime Monitoring, and more recently the full-sized Building Microservices, both for O'Reilly.

Want Me To Work With You?

My startup life tends to take up a fair bit of my time, but I can sometimes find windows to make things work. If you are interested in having me work with you, then please get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

Want Me To Talk At Your Event?

I have a variety of talks and workshops I am presenting at any given time, and may also be able to help you if you have a specific topic in mind. To get an idea of the topics I am currently covering, talk a look at my active talks, or contact me with a specific query.

Please note though that my calendar is extremely crowded, so I really appreciate as much notice as possible - I tend to get booked up around 6-9 months in advance, so please don't be offended if I say I can't make it!