Feature Branches And Toggles In A Post-GitHub World

45-90min Talk

A talk re-examining feature branches and toggles


You can view the slides here, although please note that given the way I use slides, it may be hard to get a sense of what the presentation is about just by looking at the slides.


During the evolution of the ideas behind Continuous Delivery, many of us came to the conclusion that having branches for features was not a good idea, and resulted in some fairly problematic issues. This was contentious at the time, with lots of discussion around whether or not feature toggles or feature branching was the right way forward.

Roll on several years, and through Git and GitHub, branches are everywhere. Is this a problem?

This talk re-examines the role of feature branches and feature toggles, and looks at them in the context of new research and technology to try and distill down some sensible lessons in a post-GitHub, but hopefully not post-factual, world.


You can see a recording of this talk at GOTO Chicago 2017 below.

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