Video Series - Principles Of Microservices

Posted on Oct 27 2015

I've been interested in trying to find different ways to reach people. There was a time, not that long ago, that the best way to reach an audience with ideas in the software development community was to get a paper published in a journal and speak at a conference. Nowadays we have a vast array of conferences where we can speak, from local user groups to huge, industry conferences like Java One. The internet has killed off most of the industry dead tree magazines, and while computing books still sell, they are selling far fewer copies than they used to. But the information available to us as practioners is growing rapidly via other channels.

Meanwhile the mechanisms we can use to communicate our ideas is changing rapidly too, and I wanted to try a few experiments to see how effective things other than the written word are at getting ideas across. The second experiment is coming soon (although those of you on twitter will already have gotten a sneak peak), but the first thing I wanted to try in this area was video.

While I may well try a pluralsight-style screencast at somepoint, O'Reilly offered me the chance to do a short video course for them as part of their Software Architecture Series. Based on my talk, The Principles Of Microservices the almost 3 hour long series is broken up into chunks making it (I hope) easy to digest, perhaps during coffee breaks, over lunch, or on your daily commute. It goes into a lot more depth than the talk itself, as I also talk about the pros and cons of microservices and discuss whether or not they might be right for you. I'm really happy with the resulting quality - something I can take little credit for!

You can buy the DRM-free video directly from O'Reilly, or else access the entire series with a Safari Bookshelf account (which is excellent value given the huge amount of content available there). You can also get a free preview of the video too so you can try before you buy. Feedback, as always, is welcome!

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