Magpie Talkshow Episode 4 - Irina Guberman

Robotic Pianist Edition

Posted on Nov 17 2015

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Some people love their job, and Irina is clearly one of them. Coming into computing via a somewhat unconventional route, Irina spent a long time with Java before discovering Erlang, which as you can tell from our discussion is something of a passion of hers! In this episode of The Magpie Talkshow we talk about What caused her to switch from Java to Erlang, whether or not Elixir could be the killer app for Erlang, and why you should always let kids play with robots.

Regarding Elixir, we talk towards the end of the interview about good books to read on the subject. Irina mentioned afterwards that she would recommend starting with Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas, and perhaps following that up with Metaprogramming Elixir by Chris McCord.

You can follow Irina on Twitter at @irina_guberman. She was also speaking at City Code Chicago recently - the video should be available soon. for details. If you can't wait for that, her talk from NDC Oslo "Maximizing throughput on Multicore Systems" is already available online.

This is the last of the interviews I did at NDC Oslo. Next week I'll be talking to creator of the Lift framework for Scala, David Pollak, who I interviewed at Devoxx Poland.

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