Magpie Talkshow Episode 6 - Simon Brown

Channel Islands Edition

Posted on Dec 1 2015

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Simon Brown is a freelance author, consultant and trainer based on Jersey in the channel islands. I've known Simon for a while, and we caught up at Devoxx Poland earlier this year.

Simon's focus for the last few years has been on helping people articulate their architectures, and come up with sensible abstractions to make it easy to share them. This is represented in his work on the C4 Model, in his book Software Architecture For Developers, and his new Structurizr venture, an online tool to help you generate and roundtrip architecture diagrams from code.

Aside from talking about architecture diagrams, we also talk a little about Jersey, self-publshing books, and manage to not mention Bergerac once. Oops!

Since we spoke, Simon has also started work on another book, The Art Of Visualising Software Architecture.

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