Magpie Talkshow Episode 11 - Amy Phillips

Sandwich Year Edition

Posted on Jan 19 2016

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I got to record a number of great interviews at Øredev in Sweden late last year. My interview with Songkick's Amy Phillips was the third, but due to slightly confusing reasons on my side, is actually the first to get released.

Amy is a software engineer in test at Songkick, and for a while now has been focusing on helping the organisation move towards Continuous Delivery. During the interview we talk about many, many things, including the value of parent pester power, why university courses with sandwich (work placement) years are a good idea, the different types of testing, and of course how to adopt continuous delivery. We also briefly mention Jason Huggins' Tapsterbot project, which I completely forgot the name of during the interview!

You can follow Amy on Twitter via the awesome handle @itjustbroke, and check out her blog to see what she's been up to, including her involvement with the Weekend Testing Group. Finally, although the Øredev presentation isn't yet live, you can still see one of her earlier talks, "Testing in a Continuous Delivery World", filmed at BBC Future Media back in 2014.

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