Magpie Talkshow Episode 17 - Corey Latislaw

Solar-powered Minesweeper Edition

Posted on May 15 2016

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After far too long a hiatus, the Magpie Talkshow is back with it's 17th episode. This week we wrap up the last of the interviews I recorded at Øredev last year, and hear my chat with Android developer Corey Latislaw. Mobile development in general is somewhat outside my wheelhouse, so I was very keen to hear about the challenges in that space. At Øredev, Corey did a talk about Android as the world phone, and during our interview we touch on a number of aspects of developing solutions for the emerging world, and how as a mobile developer you can start targetting the next 5 billion users.

We also find time to talk about the merits of minesweeper for identifying algorithmic aptitude, Corey's work helping bring small-scale solar to off-grid communities, and why Android fragmentation might not be as bad as you might have previously heard.

You can find more about Corey on her blog, follow her on Twitter, or find out more about her company Off Grid Electric. Finally, you can find Corey's talk from Øredev below, which is a great way of finding out not only about Android One, but also some of the challenges developers face when developing for emerging markets.

ANDROID IS THE WORLD PHONE from Øredev Conference on Vimeo.

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