Magpie Talkshow Episode 22 - Adrian Cockcroft

Flying Spaghetti Monstor Simulation Edition

Posted on Oct 8 2016

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Adrian Cockcroft has been a great supporter of my work around microservices, and I was really grateful he was able to find the time to catch up with me at Yow 2015 late last year.

Few people have done as much to help share the power of the cloud in recent years as Adrian, but he certainly has a career that predates the explosion of Amazon Web Services. In episode 22 of the Magpie Talkshow, he shares is journey so far in the IT industry, from physics to venture capital firm Battery Ventures, with stops at Sun, EBay and Netflix in-between.

We also find time to talk about the future of memory, security & compliance, how awesome Rational Purify is (and how it built Netflix), bad puns, and flying spaghetti monster simulators.

In the episode, Adrian mentions Spigo, the aforementioned spaghetti simulator, which is available over at github. You can also find his talk from YOW! 2015 below.

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