Building Microservices With Docker

1 or 2 Day Hands-on Workshop

Learn what microservices are all about, and build them yourselves

Microservices Architecture is a concept that aims to decouple a solution by decomposing functionality into discrete services. Microservice architectures can lead to easily changeable, maintainable systems that can be more secure, performant and stable. In this training, you will discover a consistent and reinforcing set of tools and practices rooted in the philosophy of small and simple; this can help you move towards a microservice architecture. We'll cover both the theory and the practice of Microservices - attendees will use their own laptops to build and deploy microservices, and learn all about why Docker can be so useful with these architectures. It should be noted that while this tutorial uses Docker extensively in the hands-on section, most of the content is useful in environments where docker isn't used at all.


Developers, architects, technical leaders, operations engineers and anybody interested in the design and architecture of services and components.

What You Will Learn

During this training, we will cover:

  • What microservices are
  • How to break apart monolithic systems
  • How to testing Microservices
  • The use of docker as a deployment platform
  • Deploying and scaling Microservices in a multi-host Docker environment
  • Service discovery & configuration management


For the hands-on section you'll need a laptop with 10GB of disk space free and administrator access. The material is tested on Windows and OSX, and although it should work on Linux too (it just uses vagrant) it can't be guaranteed!

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