Deploying and Testing Microservices

30 or 60 minute presentation

An exploration of what makes testing and deploying microservices different.

What do deployment pipelines look like when your system consists of 10s of different types of services? How do you know what to test before deployment? Should you release a service at a time, or bunch them up? This talk goes into the nitty gritty of managing build,test and release of micro services and also covers the often ignored trade-off between testing before deployment, and testing afterwards.


You can view the slides here, although please note that given the way I use slides, it may be hard to get a sense of what the presentation is about just by looking at the slides.


Anyone already using (or planning to use) microservices should benefit from this talk.

What You Will Learn

Attendees should come away understanding the trade-offs for different deployment models (one or many services per host), as well as tips around new technology that can help handle deployment at scale. They will also be better placed to understand the difficulties of handling large-scale end-to-end testing in a distributed system and see how consumer-driven contracts can help.

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