Docker In Production

1 Day Presentation.

A hands-on workshop where you'll learn about running Docker in production.

Docker - a form of application packaging and lightweight virtualisation based on containers - has taken the DevOps world by storm and is fast becoming a deployment platform of choice for new and existing applications targeting cloud-based architectures. What new techniques and tools do you need to know about to ease the transition of your applications into this new world?


Based as it is on hands-on issues, attendees would get the most out of it if they are currently, or plan to, work on a distributed system.

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn some overarching tips for managing microservices projects, but the primary outcome will be an understanding of the breadth of what has to be considered with the topic, as well as 14 practical tips for coping with the complexity of these architectures.

This one-day technical workshop aims to help you get started on your journey to Docker-based Production environments, whether you are migrating existing applications or starting afresh. The focus will be on an infrastructure-as-code approach via scripting and automation.

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This workshop was originally created by Kiru Samapathy and Clarence Bakirtzidis.

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