Pump It Up

40-60min Presentation

Getting the most out of the cloud and microservices

So many organisations have flocked to 'cloud native', running containerised microservices on the public or private cloud, only to find the promised benefits fail to materialise. And we’ve seen the same story repeat itself time and again with other hyped concepts like agile, DevOps, and, ahem, the blockchain.

Just saying “we’re cloud native!” isn’t enough if you actually want to get anywhere, unless your goal is simply to dump loads of money into the hands of tech vendors and consultants.

The problem is that just as with other concepts that have preceded it, the marketing has helped sell the concept, but not enough of the detail to make sure that people actually get value out of these shifts. And the move to cloud native is no different.

In this talk, we’ll look at what exactly you need to do to get the most out of a move to a cloud native mindset. And mindset is the word here - it will require a fundamental shift in the way many of you think about building software. And no, the answer isn’t just to drop in another Kubernetes cluster. And it may not involve microservices at all.

Attendees may or may not be able to bid for their own NFT as proof that they attended this talk.

Key topics

I cover a number of topics in this talk, including:

  • The importance of self-service
  • The role of the platform team
  • Finding the right level of abstraction for your tools
  • Common pitfalls encountered when adopting the cloud, cloud native, and microservices

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