About Me

I'm an independent consultant based in London, working with clients all over the world.

I work in the cloud and continuous delivery space, more recently focusing on the use of microservice architectures.

Things I've Done

After 12 years working at ThoughtWorks, I have taken the plunge and am now working as an independent consultant and speaker.

Along with Andy Yates I also created the Lego XP Game many years ago, a game designed to teach the basics of Agile in a workshop form. This has been run hundreds if not thousands of times around the world. I played a part in creating DBDeploy, one of the first open source database refactoring tools, and helped create the first AWS training workshops too. I was also fortunate enough to be around just as the ideas behind Continuous Delivery were taking shape, and like to think I played a small part in its development.

More recently writing has become a bigger part of my work. You may be interested in the small ebook Lightweight Systems for Realtime Monitoring, or the full-sized Building Microservices, both published by O'Reilly.

Want Me To Work With You?

I am available to provide training, consulting and advisory support in the areas of microservices, cloud, and continuous delivery. I am also available to speak at both private and public events.

If you want to enquire as to my fees, availability, and get more information about the services I offer, then please get in touch.

Want Me To Talk At Your Event?

I have a variety of talks and workshops I am presenting at any given time, and may also be able to help you if you have a specific topic in mind. To get an idea of the topics I am currently covering, take a look at my active talks, or contact me with a specific query.

Please note though that my calendar is extremely crowded, so I really appreciate as much notice as possible - I tend to get booked up around 6-9 months in advance, so please don't be offended if I say I can't make it!