Building Microservices, 1st Edition

Your jumping off point for exploring microservices.

The book is aimed at practioners and architects and will help you understand what microservices are, the advantages and disadvantages, and contains lots of practical advice to help implement microservices in your own organisation. The ebook and hard copy versions are available now.

2nd Edition Available

A second edition of Building Microservices will be available in August 2021. Read more.

Who The Book Is For

Over the past decade I've become convinced that architecture is often overlooked in terms of the part it plays in making things like Continuous Delivery possible. To that end I've been looking at different patterns that help teams more easily ship working software, which led me eventually to microservices.

The book covers off multiple aspects of designing distributed systems. As such it should be of value to developers, architects or people who work in operations.


You can get Building Microservices now as an ebook, a hard copy, on O'Reilly's Safari Platform, or from other retailers.

In addition, there is an English-language print edition available for the local market in India.


The book has also been translated into several other languages:

If you are interested in helping translate the book into a language not seen here, then please contact me and I'll put you in touch with the right people at O'Reilly.