Talks & Workshops

Here are a list of the talks I am currently presenting. On request, I can present different topics or even my older talks. If you want me to present these topics at your conference or company, then please contact me

You can also see where I'll be speaking next on my events page.

What Is This Cloud Native Thing Anyway?

45min Talk

A talk exploring what the hell Cloud Native means

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Feature Branches And Toggles In A Post-GitHub World

45-90min Talk

A talk re-examining feature branches and toggles

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Securing Microservices

2 Day Workshop

A hands-on workshop exploring techniques to secure microservices and docker

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Confusion In The Land Of The Serverless

45-90min Talk

An exploration of serverless platforms, and some of the unanswered questions around them

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Designing Microservices Workshop

1, 2 or 3 Day Workshop

An interactive day workshop that helps you design and adopt microservices

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Monoliths To Microservices

2 Day Online Workshop

A two day workshop delivered online that shows you how to adopt microservices and break down your monoliths

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Docker In Production

1 Day Presentation.

A hands-on workshop where you'll learn about running Docker in production.

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Building Microservices With Docker

1 or 2 Day Hands-on Workshop

Learn what microservices are all about, and build them yourselves

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Deploying and Scaling Microservices

60 minute presentation

Don't know your Mesos from your elbow? This is the talk for you.

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Security and Microservices

60 or 90, or 180 minute presentation

Microservices are all the rage, and so are security breaches! Learn what you can do to create one without the other.

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Microservices, an unexpected journey

1 hour keynote

A keynote covering the innovations that lead to microservices, and the new advances that could change how we use them

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Building Microservices

1 or 2 Day Workshop

A one or two day, interactive workshop where attendees learn all about how to build microservices

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Principles Of Microservices

60 or 90 minute presentation.

This talk is distillation of what makes microservices different from normal services. While this talk can serve as an introduction to microservices the real goal is to help tease out the key areas of what is a very broard topic.

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Practical Applications Of Microservices

60 minute presentation.

A collection of tips based on real-world use of microservices.

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Deploying and Testing Microservices

30 or 60 minute presentation

An exploration of what makes testing and deploying microservices different.

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